The Plan Before The Storm

With my 100-day challenge kicking off in 2 days I have decided to outline the three areas I plan to see a massive improvement in over the course of my journey.

I will be borrowing a ton of tactics that I have read about over the past few years and using them whenever possible to help me along the way.

I have broken this challenge down into three main areas.

Health & Fitness

My plan is to tackle both of these areas by starting a diet plan that will incorporate a bunch of “real foods” zero “fast foods” and is also super low in sugar (sugar is a motherfucker). Oh yeah, also zero alcohol for 100 days! On the fitness side of things, I will be starting a workout plan and building up to my ultimate goal that is planned for April 6th, 2017. That goal is to cycle across Ireland in 3 days. The trip is entirely doable but I have never taken on a challenge like this before, so I’m excited and nervous about it at the same time.


I have a burning desire to work from home, answer to nobody, and live MY LIFE on my terms. I’m sure there are many people out there with the exact same goal. I know for a fact that I can achieve this. When I am dialed in and extremely particular about my priority for the day, I can get that task complete and move the needle in my business. In the past, I have failed because I never stacked those days together. Just think of your days like dominos, when you knock one down the others keep on falling if you have stacked them in the correct order.

I have taken the time to stack my dominos in the right order for this challenge, have you?

Mindfulness & Productivity

I know it’s quite weird to have those two words together but let me explain. I plan to meditate every day for a minimum of 10 minutes and from previous experience with meditation I know that it boosts my productivity at the very minimum. Meditation has a range of benefits, and when I have a daily meditation practice in place, I feel better overall, get more stuff done, and am generally happier. I suppose it’s very similar to stacking those dominos for a business project I want to complete. With meditation as the cue, I line up many other dominos in my life that require persistence, discipline, and habit in order to be knocked down.

I know I have been pretty vague with this outline for the next 100 days (starting on the 30th December) but I will go into more detail tomorrow when I have my plan finalized.

Till then, enjoy the last few days of 2016 and a happy new year to everybody.

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