My Goals For This 100 challenge

Today I’m sharing my goals for this 100-day challenge.

I have decided on 5 goals that I want to achieve by the end date, 9th April 2017.

Business Goals

  1. I will easily reach an income of $2500 per month from an affiliate site I am working on (the site currently earns about $40-$55 per month).
  2. I will easily have 500 visitors a day hit the site by the 9th April 2017 (currently about 10-15 visitors per day).
  3. I will have 200 subscribers on my list ( zero right now).

Fitness/Health Goals

  1. I will cycle across Ireland (Don’t own a bike).


  1. I will complete 625 Pomodoros (Dabbled with this method but never immersed myself to this level).

Nearly Ready

I have spent the last few days preparing for this challenge and I’m really excited to get going.

I have a few more hours to do this evening and then I should be ready to meet this challenge head on come 5am tomorrow morning 🙂

Happy Days

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