Day #8

Overall I was pleased how last week went.

I got through a number of goals that I had set myself at the beginning of the week and I feel with a few small tweaks I can make this week even better.

Even though I would consider the week a success there are certain changes I will have to make if I want my life to continue like this.
When I started I doubled what my original goal was and set that as my target to aim for. Now I think that is a good idea but in some areas it just is not going to work.
I need to have 1 thing and only 1 thing as the priority for the day. I need to pick the most important thing and complete it that day. I need to be ok if some other things get pushed to the side, that is just the way it will have to be with the limited amount of time I have on any one day.

Also if I think something is going to take an hr to complete, give myself 2. Worse case scenario is I have time left over, and if that happens I can just knock another task down that requires less effort and less time.
Once I am driving a taxi I feel I will be more in control of my time but right now I am in the position I am in and there is nothing I can do about it except keep moving forward.

Being in this position gives me the chance to show that I can get out of it so “GOOD”, good that I am in the position I am in, I know I can make it better 🙂

More to come tomorrow

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