Day #7

After the shit show that was yesterday morning, I got out of bed at 4:30 am today to make up for it.

Once I had my morning ritual complete, I started off with Pomodoros and got six done before I needed to take a break. The morning routine has been going really well, and I think I have hit the perfect balance with the way I have set it up.

For those of you that missed it check out this post. 

Weekly Goal Update

Business Goals

  1. I will easily reach an income of $2500 per month from an affiliate site I am working on (the site currently earns about $40-$55 per month).


This week was all about identifying the tasks that needed to happen to hit this goal and optimizing my existing content for higher rankings. I added tables to 2 posts that had featured snippets for the main search term

Big Win:

I added tables to 2 posts that had featured snippets for the main search term and withing 48hrs took over spot zero for my main term for each post.

Key Takeaway:

Adding new content to a site is crucial, but without optimizing existing content you are leaving so much money on the table.

  1. I will easily have 500 visitors a day hit the site by the 9th April 2017 (currently about 10-15 visitors per day).


I didn’t have any big wins this week in terms of traffic, but I did have an extra 10-20 visitors per day due to the snippet rankings I took over. I’m also dancing between 9-14 for a few terms that should add a significant amount of daily traffic.

I’ll be working on those terms this week.

  1. I will have 200 subscribers on my list ( zero right now).


I decided on an idea for my lead magnet, but I have yet to start on the content. I put together an outline, so I’ll be continuing with that task the coming week.

Fitness/Health Goals

  1. I will cycle across Ireland (Don’t own a bike).


Nothing to say here except that I have started eating super healthy and getting in shape for this challenge. I lost 9lbs due to my healthy eating this week, and I know I will be ready for this trip when it comes around.

I had a look at the route I will take, and it will be a 16hr trip when the time comes. Exciting stuff 🙂


  1. I will complete 625 Pomodoros (Dabbled with this method but never immersed myself to this level).


I’m not sure that this goal is attainable. It is painful to say that, but I’m not giving up just yet.

If I can change jobs as I mention here, I might still be able to hit that number.


This is so EASY!

Yeah right this is easy, I knew it would be a challenge, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Till tomorrow,


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