Day #6

Just a quick update today.

Woke up at 4:55 am and to be honest I fell back asleep and didn’t wake till 7 am.

Fuck am I disappointed that I didn’t get up and stay awake.

But you know what, shit happens. I will say that I only got 4.5 hrs sleep and that after 5 days of sleep ranging somewhere between 4-6 hrs I was bound to have one of those mornings.

I can’t even really remember waking so I must have been wrecked. It was not even a conscious decision.

Anyway, I will be up at 4 am tomorrow to make up for that bullshit situation. I will post a screenshot to prove that I’m up and active 🙂

Besides that, all went well today. I will update more tomorrow when I have something worth sharing.

Goodnight folks

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