Day #5

I decided to write this short post for the day during my first Pomodoro of the morning.

I have been leaving it late in the evening to publish, but today I have plans for the evening so here I am.

I might continue with the mornings if it works out better for me in the long run.

My Goals Today

I have one thing I need to focus on today. I must complete a bunch of Keyword research for a category I am putting on my site and draft at least one content brief for the articles that need to be outsourced.

I will be using Ahrefs to do my research and a combination of Google Docs and WorkFlowy to create the brief.

I also have my usual goals of eating clean, getting up at 5 am (done), meditation (done), morning ritual (done).

My Weekly Goals

I am on track to hit my goals for the week. I might come up a bit short in terms of the number of Pomodoros I do this week but I also might not.

I set the goal as 55 for the week and after 4 days I only have 17 done.

I thought I would be able to do more during the week but like I mention here, I have a plan in motion to ensure I do get more time to do the things that matter most to me going forward.

Right, I gotta go. Got 1 more Pomodoro to do and then I have to leave for work.

Talk tomorrow 🙂

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