Day #4

The fourth day of getting up at 5 am, eating clean, and trying to build a successful online business draws to an end.

How did I feel

I felt excellent today, although I was exhausted when I got up this morning. I nearly fell asleep while I was doing my meditation today and I am putting that down to the fact I didn’t get to sleep till 11:30 pm. That bedtime, plus my first day back at work was the main reason I was wrecked this morning.

But overall I felt better and better as the day went on, so I am happy with that.

Job Situation

I talked a little about my job yesterday (more of a whine really) and had a think about how I could put myself in a better position to succeed over the coming months.

I have made a decision about what to do!

I have decided to get a license as a taxi driver!

It gives me the freedom to design my day and life exactly the way I want, and I will have a good amount of capital to invest in my business when I add up my earnings at the end of the week.

Next Steps To Take

I have to get my license now, and once that is done, I can get on the road and out of a job that takes up 14 hrs of my day 5-6 times per week.

I am booked for a training day at the end of January, so I will most likely do my test 2-3 weeks after that.

There is a 97% failure rate on the first attempt of the test.

With the training day that’s costing me 350 Euro I’m hoping I don’t fall into that category.

Anyway, more on that as it comes.

Off to bed now,




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