Day #3

Day #3 is done and dusted!

Was it as successful as the last few days? The short answer is no, but I have a good reason, or do I?

I got up at 5 am as usual and finished my morning routine without any problem. My morning meditation process is going really well, and I am delighted with the morning routine as a whole.

I think this morning ritual is something I could keep up for as long as I wanted, that is my plan so I wouldn’t be surprised if I keep this going long past the 100-day mark.

My Big Issue

The big problem for me arises as soon as my alarm goes off at 7:10 am. Once that alarm goes off, I know that the real struggle of the day is only about to begin.

That struggle is my F***ing job!

Now I know that there must be thousands of people in the same position as me so I won’t spend the next 10 minutes moaning (even though I feel like it) but I will say that it is a big hurdle that I am going to have to find a way around.

My daily goal for Pomodoro’s is 7, and today I only got 4 done which is killing me.

I leave for work at 7:10 am, and I don’t get home till 7;30 pm.

It’s tough trying to accomplish my goals during the week with these days sucking the life out of me, but you know what, I will achieve my goals somehow, I don’t care how it’s going to happen.

I will just have to make up the Pomodoro’s on the weekend and keep the smile on my face during the week.

So difficult doing something every day that I have zero passion for. But at the end of the day, that’s life. It is down to me to change that and make my life the one I want to live.

Off to bed now so I can go hard in the morning with the time that I do have.



Oh yeah, one more thing. My healthy eating is going fantastic. Lot’s of chicken, veg, and fruit has me down 2 pounds within 3 days!

Happy days 🙂


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