Day #12

Today was the 12th day in a row that I have meditated for 10mins in the morning.

How do I feel?

Well, I feel fantastic but is that a result of the meditation, I’m not sure, to be honest.

I have had some excellent sessions throughout those days, and I have had a few when I feel like my brain is going a million miles an hour, and I cannot focus on my breath for more than 10 seconds without my mind suddenly jumping to either a task I need to do or something about the day ahead or the day before.

Meditation is strange for me. I can never put my finger on any particular benefit, but at my core, I know it is having a positive effect on me.

Over the last 12 days, I have been in great form for the whole day, and I know that my meditation practice is contributing in some way or another, so my plan is to keep it going for the 100 days and see where I’m at once that’s done.

I also do my meditation in the morning, use calm as my app of choice and in the same place every day in case you are interested.

Weight Goallost 5kg

I didn’t set any particular number for this challenge but instead chose to pick the goal of eating healthy.

I don’t see any real benefit of having a number I must reach. I know that if I eat the right “real” foods over the next few weeks that the weight will drop off me.

I know I can get down to the 170 lbs range by April 7th if I stick to eating greens, chicken, eggs, and a handful of other real ingredients I’m currently eating.

I do step on the scales every couple of days though just to make sure I’m not expanding for some weird reason or another 🙂 .

I also use My Fitness Pal to track every item that goes into my mouth on a daily basis.

Anyway, its Friday tomorrow so happy fucking days!

Talk then


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